Evil Voices

Evil voices whisper through my mind,
the message one of fear, dread and hopelessness.
Images spring to my mind’s eye
of all my mistakes, my regrets, and my nightmares.
My mind holds more horror than anything in the living world.

During my waking hours, the voices
distract me with their whispering.
The dark horrific images
skip through my mind causing me to pause
and wonder what there is to keep living.

The sleep is the worst
for I am trapped in my own nightmares:
nightmares of losing what I love and those I care for,
nightmares I cannot escape because with the ending of one
is the being of another. Throughout my sleep I am tormented by these dreams.

People tell me I am depressed, that it will get better
yet each day is a battle to fight just to keep a grip
on my will to live, on my strength to continue forward.
With each passing second I am sure
all is lost.

Though strength and support is found
in the smallest of things at times:
the sounds of my son giggling,
a hug from my daughter,
a smile from my wife.

These chase away my fears
if only for a short while.
They give me the strength
to face the coming tomorrow.
My family is my reason for continuing.

© Samuel Pray 2003

(c) Marcus Morrow

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